for life.


We bring researchers, business delegates and engineers together to accelerate the implementation of a scalable and high-quality manufacturing process to meet the growing demand from patients seeking cell personalized medicine. Demonstrate expertise, see equipment up and running, and establish new contacts, this forum offers an unique opportunity with face to face access to the suppliers of advanced solutions and applications in personalized medicine, drug development, gene therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Running concurrent to the exhibition is an array of technical sessions specifically to provide engineers and reserchers with the latest advances in both technical and practical aspects of new and emerging trends. This is an excellent opportunity to share how you addressed a certain issue by implementing a new technology, or using an existing technology in an innovative way.

Become a part of the gathering delivering the most focused science and business content, coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Cell processing & automation.
  • Process monitoring, quality control & testing.
  • Cell culture & bioproduction.
  • Spheroid & organoid engineering & applications.
  • Stem cells in regenerative medicine.
  • Engineering technologies for Cell-based therapies.
  • Instruments & equipment, reagent & materials.
  • Logistics, supply chain & manufacturing support services.

Special Track: Organoid Culture & Applications

The special Track provides an interdisciplinary platform for engineers, industry, and academic researchers to drive creative interactions among organoid culture technologies. The programme covers the latest development of creating organoids through different types of 3D models, state-of-the-art devices and techniques for organoid growth, harvesting & storage, organoid applications for disease modeling, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. [...]