Berlin, Germany

All about growth.

The Forum brings together leading experts at the forefront of innovative cell technologies, providing insights into the latest technologies and advancements in cell biology and adjacent fields that impact a growing spectrum of modalities including disease research, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. A Two-day exhibition will run concurrently with the conference for companies to showcase their latest products and services.

CellME Berlin 2024 will feature a special edition to network and discuss new trends and innovations in contract cell culture service.

Vertical and Sector Focus

3rd CellME Berlin, features Special Topic Track on Custom Cell Culture Solutions


Cell Culture

  • Automated cell culture solutions.
  • Bioreactor systems.
  • Bioprinting for 3D cell culture.
  • Media development and manufacturing.
  • Live cell imaging and analysis.
  • Cell processing technology.
  • Cell laboratory service, lab automation.
  • Supply chain, logistics, manufacturing support services.

Custom Solutions

  • Choose a dependable contract manufacturing partner for your outsourcing projects, tailor solutions to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless transition from laboratory bench scale to commercial production.
  • Shift your focus from cell production to discovery by letting CDMOs provide you with the high-quality cells and tissues needed for your research.

Let's talk contract manufacturing, more about this track here  →